in what currency do you feel good

money sex or power

she said reminding herself of her sickening self affirmations

and the great anal she had last night

why does it have to be drummed into me i am female

and all my experience is female

when all she wanted to do was loose herself

loose herself in the vortex of her cunt

look into my eye

and see me for once

not some porno figure

or fat girl

i dont wanna have babies

cos i dont wanna bring them into this world

what if im not the best sex hes ever had

cos your not

where are my self affirmations at again

really girls

cant we have more interesting conversations

than men

but look at me and hes cute

but he looked at me and hes cute

gun finger to head

bad man style

sometimes u wanna b dead

instead of go through this torment

sugar is bad for you

but as a female you drink a diet

of only sugar syrup

fed to you through a pink straw

and we lie on pink fluffy pillows

when recieveing it

a bit like a dick

or ur mums tit

tone it down tracey

or the kids will never see this

they will never hear of us anyway 

were too badmen for them

dutty gals


but seriously tho

i thought we were tryna talk about something seriously

nah this is how it always goes

we always try

and fuck it

never get there

theres to many lols to be had t

but i seem to be going crazy here

because no one can talk about anything serious

and all relationships u have in your life

you get stuck in the safe zone

you know what that is

that is the zone

of talking utter shit

and not being able to open up to each other anymore

and be honest

cos you are trapped in the confides of that relationship

isnt all of adulthood just being trapped

yea it is

till u kill yourself

kill urself jackie chan kill bill style

furious fucking flamable and fabulous

fucking calm down

miss alliteration

the only option then is to go insane

or settle down

which one is it

think im going insane 

but i asked do you like my nails tho

but shea we only just fucking got somewhere

you know what t just read a fucking book

n keep ur thoughts to yourself

you kno what tho

i cant keep these thoughts to myself anymore

or im gonna go fucking insane

n die

infact dying is better than this hell




but he said he likes you

so you have nothing to worry about

but this isnt about m

or b

or c

its about me

for once

you know what this reminds me of some fucking existental play

we had to read in highschool

t just talk to a fucking scarecrow or something instead of me

this aint therapy

i think i need therapy

i think you need therapy

just hold me for a while and let me be your sweet apple pie

er no

what you saying

im just singing a song

or how about

fake love fake love ey


so you dont think about this 

your really telling me you dont think about this at all


leave her alone t were all just different right

cant expect eveyone to be like you

i dont

im just going fucking crazy

cos it feels like theres no one to fucking think n speak

also let alone fucking women

who r willing to say how fucking stupid some women sound

n how we have fucking killed off our own race

cos we fucking dumb each other down

n talk about stupid shit

alright t so what should we talk about

i wanna talk about

how were gonna fucking progress in this life

i wanna talk about real shit

yes we can talk about love

no we cannot talk about people fucking with us

who dont serve us

yes we can talk about how were gonna live

can we please talk about fucking social housing

communal living

which isnt aload of hippie bollocks

can we talk about who fucking designed this world

and designed how we consume it

so therefore can we talk about how we can be fucking free in it

is there a point to this life at all

and last of all fucking artistry

but we all have a fucking voice

and the more voices i hear the more crazy i get

i think we were never designed to hear this many voices

being aware of this many voices

and living as such an uncollective

these extremes r numbing me

making me ugly

hurt n fucking scared

so peace out a town

as fucking usher said cos ive had enough

and am about to go fucking crazy

fuck it should we just go get drink

can we get completely fuck faced

only if we do

hahah loool

but did you see bs pic

you gonna see him again

can you roll please n stop fucking blabing

lets go shop n i roll

when u get the booze

alright fuck it


but for real you told me you were done with that

i am done with that

why you looking like that then

yep look at her


look at that face

dont lie to us

shut up you two

fore i gas you

nahh ahhhhh

lil tittes n fat bellies $$$

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