what is it when we re-explore our feelings to home

what does it hold for you

what do u hold for it

the place where ur girlhood ripened on a tree

and fell heavy to the earth

for any passing man to pick and chew on

and throw to the floor again once done

i hit the curb a couple of times

but i got back up again

aki jah jah the most trusted homeless brother south

how has the city shaped ur living breathing being

how have you shaped this city

i'm at the top of the skyline

looking up

i see the clouds between the buildings embedded in my memory

its changing beneath my feet

a space thats clogged my pores

arteries and words

there's no separation

i'm cuming now

on foot

this space feels rough

i feel goopy

sticky feelings

you got to rise out of them

a film encases this space

it feels invisible to most

but i’m here

sites that hold you just a moment longer

i wonder how much of my nan and grandad's soul lingers at the site of their passing

girly tears

mushy feelings

flabby bodies

life is short

this space is shorter

Installation, video audio loop, object and text, 2021.

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