Three short films exhibited at West Gallery Den Haag, August 2020.

Words, sound design and visuals created by me.

Featuring songs:

Jeshi, Same Songs, 2020
IAMDDB, Wokeuptoflexxx(WUTF), 2019
Alice Coltrane, Transcendence, 2005

Songs used for creative purposes only, not profit.

In this quiet night you can find me

I turned my red light on

I sit Waiting For you

fantasising images of you Filling this room

wearing your skin proud

take off my clothes

Slowly tease me

look into my eye

I lay, a panther


playing with myself

playing the scenario out as my most confident self

I feel comfortable with you

I take a lead

Pull at the thread of you

For you to come undone

I come undone in this act too

I see your face In reality

and these acts in my mind

Slip fade and Blur into the actuality of nothingness

I am a fool

Bumbling into words and actions

Fantasying you

Not finding your face

To kiss

To meet my cheek to yours

Lips to yours

I want to Slowly nibble at the corner of your mouth

Suck on your succulent


understanding it’s shape

I want your face to be mirrored to mine

Forehead to forehead

Almost hearing your thoughts

buzz and spark into mine

bodies fit

A being hasn’t turned me on like this for time

I feel that hum within



vibrating simultaneously

I want to deep dive into you

Hold my breathe for hours under your surface

Trace my fingers over your body and face

Till I know it completely

Your lips nose

Eyelids eyebrows

Find the sensitive parts

I want to feel you know my body

Seeing the excitement seep out of the corner of your eye staining your cheek

With the colour of desire

There are More bodily juices than we know

then pounce

slowly slipping into a talk of eyes

Entering you

Entering me

entering we

I don’t like to write it all out

In the pages of my brain

As I want you to show me

And then lay

Touching silence

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